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Not so sunny Saturday

Our fitters braved the weather on Saturday morning and made the long journey to Longford to fit the windows and doors in this roadside renovation job.

The customer went for an Anthracite Grey exterior and a White interior Liniar frame which looks great on the outside and provides brightness on the inside.

As this house is very close to the road the customer opted for Grey anti-sun triple glazed units which will help reduce the noise from the road and aslo assist in retaining more heat inside the property. The U value acheived with this frame and the triple glazing is 1.1W/m²K.

The front door is a Palladio Belfast Composite door with matching sidelight which was jointed with coupler providing great support on the closing side and is alot stronger than having a fully welded frame with this size of an opening. The glass within the door and in the sidelight have a satin finish with a clear border providing privacy whilst still allowing natural light to pass through to the hallway.

Property Location: Longford, Ireland

Order Date: 02nd February 2023

Fitting Date: 11th March 2023

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