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A’Rated High performance insulating glass...

Low Iron glass continues the pioneering work providing ‘A Rated’ product to the industry. Achieving this through eliminating heat loss during cool months, thus helping to cut energy bills and making your home more comfortable. 

  • U Value of 1.1m/m2K

  • High light transmission and optimal clarity

  • Guaranteed precision of glazing unit calibration during manufacture

  • The cavity of the sealed glazing unit is de-mineralised to maintain the integrity of the unit in the long term

  • Unique safety edges for ease of handling

  • Glass can be toughened for safety and greater security

  • High flexibility in terms of unit dimensions and types of glass available

Glazing Units

Inliten energy efficient glazing units feature high-performance Low E Soft Coat glass and Warm Edge spacer bar. 

Soft Coat maximises heat gain by retaining interior heat and absorbing solar heat. Warm Edge spacer bar helps eliminate cold areas and reduce condensation. 

Inliten’s energy efficient frames and glazing units eliminate the need for other expensive aspects (such as Low Iron glass or Krypton gas fill), whilst still providing the same high levels of thermal performance and energy efficiency. 

Inliten double glazed windows offer U-values of 1.4 and 1.2. Upgrading to triple glazing can further reduce the U-value to as low as 0.9 and 0.8. 

By selecting Inliten windows, you could be reducing your home heating bills by up to 40%, thereby improving the overall energy performance of your home.

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